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Terms and conditions of participation

1. Scope of application
The present general conditions regulate participation to ESN Geneva’s events and activities.

2. Registration

a) Requirements and related modalities of registration

Registration is necessary for participation in all activities organized by ESN Geneva. The registration includes three steps: 1| the registration online via Google form; 2| the spots’ confirmation via email, on the first-come, first-served basis. 3| participation fees paid at our permanences. The link for the online registration via Google form will be shared on the Facebook event’s page created on the ESN Geneva Facebook group, along with the website http://geneva.esn.ch. The date of the permanences for the trip’s participation fees will be announced on the confirmation email and on the Facebook event. If a student doesn’t have his/her ESNcard yet, (s)he’s allowed to subscribe to the trip. However, if (s)he doesn’t have an ESNcard at the participation fees permanence, (s)he’ll have to buy it then.

b) Mandatory nature of registration

The registration is definitive and non-refundable. The person concerned won’t be reimbursed of his participation fees in case of withdrawal of his/her participation. Where the student is unable to participate, another person, owning an ESNcard, can replace this very person, according to the organizers’ previous agreement. The organizers should be informed as soon as possible by phone or private message on Facebook. They will contact the next person(s) on the waiting list (first-come, first-served) to take the absent student’s spot. This exact procedure will also be employed if a student doesn’t show up at our permanences nor informs the trip’s organizers.

3. ESN card

Every student who participates to the ESN Geneva trips will have his/her ESNcard with him/her during each activity. The ESNcard not only allows the participation to our events, especially the trips, but also to various discounts in some locals that are partners with the association.

4. Refusal of registration or exclusion from participation

In case of inappropriate behavior, ESN Geneva ought to reserve the right to refuse to register the person concerned, or to exclude him/her from participating to an event. Such exclusion does not entitle a right of the person concerned to any reimbursement.

5. Modification or cancellation

ESN Geneva ought to reserve the right to modify an event’s program or cancel the entire event. In case of cancellation, the subscribers are informed the latest 24 hours before the supposed event. The registration fees are reimbursed only under the condition that ESN Geneva is reimbursed as well for the costs incurred in event organization.

6. Exemption from responsibility

Bearing in mind the serious misconduct or the deceit under article 100 subparagraph 1 of the Code des obligations suisse, ESN Geneva and its committee members reject any liability for damage sustained during participation to an event organized by ESN Geneva.