What is ESN ???


ESN Geneva in a couple of words:

Founded in 2007, the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Geneva is a student association which aims to welcome exchange students (from the SEMP, formerly known as Erasmus then extra-european programme) at the UniGE and to help them profit the most from their stay in Switzerland. It does so by a godparenthood-programme (Buddy System) and various activities like evenings out, social meetings or trips all over Switzerland. The members of ESN Geneva are mostly students of the UniGE, but they can also be former students or even international students.


The association is part of ESN International, an european student organisation which has as its mission to promote mobility between Universities and support students during their exchange. ESN Geneva works locally with the  Bureau of International Affairs UniGE.


In synthesis, ESN:

* works in the interest of international students


* works to improve the social and practical integration of international students


* represents the needs and rights of international students on the local, national, and international level


* provides relevant information about mobility programmes


* motivates students to study abroad


* works with the reintegration of homecoming students


* contributes to the improvement and accessibility of student mobility


* cares about its members


* values volunteering and active citizenship

What does the association for its exchange students?


ESN Geneva organises several activities monthly which aim to help foreign students discover Switzerland and its culture. They can be visits of different swiss cities and villages, sportive activities (like a walk in the mountains or a hockey game) or cultural activities like wine tastings or museum visits.


PubNights and evening events

Every Wednesday ESN organises an evening out in a different bar in Geneva where local and exchange students can meet and socialise, the main aim being to make new friends and having a good time. ESN Geneva also organises several parties during the semester, at the „Datcha“, the „Terreau“ or at the „Village du Soir“.


Godparenthood-programme or Buddy System

Since 2015 ESN Geneva offers exchange students the possibility to have a local student as their Buddy /„godparent“. They can help them with administrative tasks, finding an apartment, getting to know the city and other useful informations. The aim is for the exchange students to have someone whom they can ask their most urgent questions and who helps them to find their way around the University and Geneva itself. The concept is to create contact between local and foreign students.


What can ESN do for me? Why participate at events or even become a member?



Being member of ESN, taking part in its activities, means meeting and getting to know students from all over the world! Maybe one day when you travel you won‘t even need to book a hotel anymore because you‘ll have friends everywhere who‘d love to host you :)



Living in Switzerland, doesn‘t mean knowing Switzerland. Often the most charming places of a country are very hard to find. Taking part in ESN‘s activities you‘ll have the chance to discover many of this country’s hidden beauties or specialities.



ESN‘s main aim is to make an exchange student‘s stay a unique experience! Offering different occasions to meet new people to experience ones stay with and creating moments to then experience together, ESN Geneva is surely an experience worth living during an exchange at the UniGE ;) 


We hope this information was helpful!


To stay up to date with all our events or also to contact us in case of questions, please join our facebook group „ESN Geneva 2019-2020“:



Your ESN team