Arriving in Geneva for your exchange, you want to stack all the odds in your favor for getting your bearings or settling in a best?

You don’t really know to whom you can turn for advice once arrived (whether about your courses, the closest supermaket from home or the place you can find the cheapest beer in the city)?

You don’t like the idea of discovering the city through a dull guide book and you would prefer to have a person in flesh and blood reveals to you the mysteries of the city of Calvin?

Join the Buddy System and make yourself sponsored by a local student when you arrive in Geneva!

Take your chance of meeting local students even before arriving!

Register here!

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Then you'll have a local contact who can initiate you to Genevan secrets and answer questions you might ask yourself, but also a potential first friend, with whom you can go out after school.

Matching happens over time, because new people register continuously. So please be patient with us ;)

If you have any problem or any question, please contact us: